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Building Simply Two

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Finding the key to simplicity


Building simply two

Simply great?
Finding the key to simplicity

As innovation and new developments in technology now follow each other faster and faster, making yesterday's architectural fantasies today's construction realities, there's already a movement to return to the essential things in life: be it a quest for sustainability, which implies basic principles such as incorporating a region's typologies and materials, or for reasons of expense, which often prompt a search for efficient designs or manufacturing technology, or even aesthetic requirements that allow people to step out of our increasingly noisy and heterogeneous environment. However, achieving simplicity in design belies the enormous amount of effort required to plan and realise these types of architectural designs. That’s why the publication "Building Simply Two" – just as volume one – aims to look behind the facade. Well-known authors who are experts in their fields investigate the particular solutions used in a construction project in terms of design and construction, including material selection, cost efficiency and sustainability.

• What does “Building simply” mean – does it always mean simple? Does “simply” always imply cheaply? Or perhaps not?
• “Simply” turns out to be multi-faceted – from design to sustainability
• Aesthetically demanding practical examples selected from the complexity of the simple invite you to realise your own ideas

Authors: Anna HeringerChristiane SauerChristian SchittichFabian ScheurerAnsgar & Benedikt SchulzAndrea Georgi-TomasMartin Zeumer

Christian Schittich (Ed.), 
NEW June 2012 
176 pages including numerous pictures and drawings 
Format 23 x 29.7 cm
ISBN  978-3-920034-67-6