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Architecture and the Test of Time

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NEW March 2012
Architectural highlights reconsidered - A critical look at remarkable structures


Architectural highlights reconsidered 

A critical look at remarkable structures

Over the past 50 years, DETAIL has presented countless architectural highlights, which, in their time, drove development forward thanks to their experimental designs or groundbreaking use of materials. Yet, how have these once innovative designs fared? What lessons have been learned? Have the buildings changed over the decades?

Based on the rubric “A Second Look”, part of DETAIL’s 50th anniversary, the publication presents a new look at selected structures from the past five decades. This includes material from previous publications combined with current information, with a critical eye cast on current trends in comparison to their forerunners. What has become of the developments that these earlier structures began? What conclusions can be drawn about the original designs? The book not only presents buildings that have changed greatly over time, but also buildings whose designs have stood the test of time – designs that have lost none of their relevance and innovation over years of use.

• Pioneering projects over five decades reconsidered
• Development of extraordinary buildings over the years
• Concepts and designs scrutinised from a contemporary perspective


With contributions from: Keiko Arima, Oliver Herwig, Frank Kaltenbach, Julia Liese, Roland Pawlitschko, Christian Schittich, Heide Wessely

NEW March 2012
144 pages with numerous illustrations, tables and photos 
19 x 23.5 cm. Paperback.