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Concrete – design & construct with the building material of tomorrow.


Concrete – design & construct with the building material of tomorrow

A Handbook for Architects & Designers

The ability to shape concrete as desired, supplemented by its versatility in design and simplicity of construction, make it the preferred building material of today. The success of a construction project depends not only on careful design and construction, but also on proper specifications and contracts.
Concrete as a building material covers the basics of working with concrete, with special emphasis on the design and site management roles of the architect. It similarly explores the trends in building material technologies, developments of innovative concretes, and experiences of architects in the field. The volume also takes a look at the revised edition of the standards for Ornamental Concrete, published by DBV & BDZ, the two German associations for the concrete & construction industries.

* Prefabricated versus in-situ concrete: design guide with detailed drawings and explanations
* Advice: Everything you need to know about specifications, construction contracts, and site management
* Field reports on producing innovative concrete surfaces
* Current developments in concrete construction: translucent concrete, lightweight sawdust concrete, textile concrete
* Concrete & ecology: classification and sustainability of concrete construction

Martin Peck

October 2006
112 pages, with numerous drawings and photos
Paperback, 21 x 29.7 cm
ISBN 978-3-7643-7631-4