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DETAIL – selected articles from the past 20 years

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Architecture through the ages


Architecture through the ages

Aesthetics and construction: the interplay between design and technology demonstrated by outstanding examples of architecture

DETAIL has been reporting on high-quality architecture from around the world, questioning designs and getting below the surface for the past 50 years. DETAIL does not simply parade ambitious architecture in the form of glossy photos, but instead examines backgrounds under the leitmotif of “aesthetics and construction”, reveals constructional contexts and relationships.

To celebrate this anniversary, the editors have for the first time brought together a number of articles and case studies from the past two decades in one publication. Twenty years – a period in which the popularity and influence of the journal have grown continuously, the concept and presentation have developed steadily, and which, in 1997–98, saw the wary changeover from drawings done by hand to drawings done by computer.

Subdivided into sections with the titles Discussion, Reports, Documentation, Technology, Typology and Process, this anniversary edition depicts not only the progress of the journal itself, but also paints a kaleidoscopic picture of the architecture of the last 20 years, its moods, trends and constructional idiosyncrasies. Not surprisingly, it makes a significant contribution to the architecture debate. Just like the “normal” issues, this special edition contains plenty of material to inspire and assist readers in their daily work.

• Innovative details from the past 20 years
• High-quality examples from the most diverse areas of construction to provide inspiration for everyday tasks 
• Exemplary solutions and concepts for large and small, simple and complex design issues
• Thoroughly researched details presented in context in the uniform drawing style so characteristic of DETAIL
• The theories behind relevant, common topics dealt with in expertly written articles


232 pages with numerous illustrations, tables and photos 
21 x 29.7 cm. Paperback.