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Building with Steel

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The diversity of steel construction in detail.


The diversity of steel construction in detail

Guide to practical steel construction

Detail Practice »Building with Steel« is a manual for quick, specific reference and implementation. Examples of projects explain useful standard details using large-scale, detailed drawings. The basic principles of support structure help in designing and planning. Common supporting structures are also explained using examples of residential, administration and hall constructions. Fire protection and building physics issues, especially relevant in steel construction, are dealt with, as is the use of steel as a material for facade cladding.

* Common constructions explained step by step using standard details on a scale of 1:10
* Fire protection in steel structures
* Residential, administration and hall structures: selected examples of projects demonstrate the possibilities of steel construction
* Steel structures in renovations
* Overview, profiles, metal sheeting ropes – properties, handling and areas of application

Alexander Reichel, Peter Ackermann, Alexander Hentschel, Anette Hochberg

112 pages with numerous drawings and photos
Paperback, 21 x 29.7 cm
ISBN 978-3-7643-8386-2