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Flat Roof Construction Manual

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An indispensable aid for constructing flat roofs


An indispensable aid for constructing flat roofs
A reference work on types of uses and constructions of the fifth facade

The flat roof, beloved by architects and often described as 'the fifth facade', is designed mainly to protect the space beneath it from the weather. Integrating a flat roof as a green roof terrace, publicly-accessible area or even as a profitable solar panel roof optimises the profits and benefits derived from the building.

Because professional implementation of such roofs is in practice not always as simple as it sounds, this publication gives planners the basic building rules and an overview of the kinds of flat roof usages, structures and standards. In addition to the most important norms, rules and standards, construction plans of the main connection points round out this publication.

- Planning-related basics on the construction, materials and building physics of flat roofs
- Detailed presentation of individual layers of construction and roof types
- Flat roofs as accessible areas
- Renovating flat roofs
- The most important details on building flat roofs and connection points as a basis for planning
- Clear descriptions of construction solutions showing built examples

Authors: Klaus Sedlbauer, Eberhard Schunck, Rainer Barthel, Hartwig Künzel

November 2010
200 pages with numerous drawings and colour photos.
Format 23 x 29.7 cm.

Supported by: WÜRTHWOLFIN Bautechnik