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Timber Construction

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Modern timber constuction and products. Everything the practising professional needs to know.


Modern Timber Construction and Products
Everything the practising professional needs to know

With increasing ecological awareness on the part of clients, planners and the legislature, timber is again acquiring a greater importance as a building material. The development and use of new wood products and the introduction of stricter regulations to ensure energy-saving forms of construction have completely changed the face of timber building in recent years. The present book provides readers with an overview of modern timber construction and the products now in use.

- Whether a building is an example of craft carpentry work or is largely prefabricated in the workshop, all details are explained and illustrated by sectional drawings with keys
- Looking for some article related to timber construction? The book contains exhaustive information on wood products, insulating materials and means of connection.
- Manufacturers‘ information and details of available dimensions – everything you need for economical planning
- Documentation of nine selected examples of wood fittings and finishings

Theodor Hugues, Ludwig Steiger, Johann Weber

112 pages with numerous drawings and photos
Paperback, 21 x 29.7 cm
ISBN 978-3-7643-7032-9