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Visionaries and Unsung Heroes

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Order now | Personalities and projects – yesterday and today

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Our modern life would be nearly unimaginable without buildings and infrastructure. The engineers of the construction industry make a vital contribution to our lives with their exciting and versatile range of activities.

The goal of this publication is to present the engineering profession – representatives for the entire industry – as it is: fascinating, creative, comprehensive and innovative. An introductory section takes readers through the historical development and significance of the profession – from "Civil Engineering" to links to other disciplines, while also covering knowledge dissemination and education.

Besides milestone projects, the publication shines a light on larger-than-life personalities in the field, their relationships with their peers and the challenges of their time. The focus of the publication rests on present day, stimulating projects, which are explained in the context of the basic needs of our society: safety, supply and connection.

These essential challenges are covered in the three themed sections of "Envelopes + Space", "Water + Energy" and "Mobility + Transport", with the resulting tasks for civil engineering explained in detail. Additional essays highlight major developments in the construction industry as well as design and technical innovations. Various contributions on current trends and tendencies illustrate which tasks and requirements will present future challenges to engineers. 

Editors: Werner Lang, Cornelia Hellstern

With contribiutions from Bill Addis, Dirk Bühler, Jan Knippers a.o.


March 2019
216 pages with numerous illustrations
Format 22.5 x 26.8 cm
ISBN 978-3-95553-460-8