Facade Construction Manual

Facade Construction Manual

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Facade Construction Manual

In recent years, facades have become more important in architectural practice and in public perception. As well as functioning as a protective shell and visible 'face' and supplying heat and electricity, a building's exterior interacts directly with the surrounding public space.

This revised and expanded new edition of the Facade Construction Manual offers readers technical and design planning fundamentals in a compact reference work. A section describing a comprehensive selection of built structures shows general and unique, tried and tested, and innovative approaches to facade planning – down to the last detail. (352 pages)

- Over 100 examples of built structures
- Material-specific approaches for use in planning facades
- Technical planning fundamentals
- Special issues involving modern facade concepts
- More than 250 detailed drawings and sketches and around 500 illustrations 

  • März
  • 2021
    • Thomas Herzog, Roland Krippner, Werner Lang
    • Softcover
    • 23 x 29.7 cm
    • ISBN: 9783955533694
    • Englisch