DETAIL for Students
DETAIL for Students

DETAIL for Students

Student Subscription

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DETAIL for Students

Student Subscription

Special price: perfect for students!

Receive 10 issues of DETAIL, the professional journal for architects, planners and engineers. Documentations of individual projects provide a constructive and creative context.

The valid student ID with indication of the current year is to be sent to [email protected] 

Find your ideas and inspiration in every DETAIL issue!

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- Substantial savings on the cover price.
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- You don’t miss a single issue.

Subscriptions in Eurozone, Switzerland and Scandinavia will be renewed automatically if not cancelled six weeks prior to the end of the respective subscription period. A subscription can begin at any time and ends after one year. Please note the terms of delivery for domestic and foreign countries.

Topics 2021

Issue 1-2/2021: Roof Structures
Issue 3/2021: Concept: Living and Working
Issue 4/2021: Refurbishment and Conversion
Issue 5/2021: Brickwork + Special section DETAIL green
Issue 6/2021: Sustainability + Anniversary edition 60 years of DETAIL + Special section DETAIL interiors
Issue 7-8/2021: Small Houses
Issue 9/2021: Concept: Sports Buildings
Issue 10/2021: Facades
Issue 11/2021: Digital processes + Special section DETAIL green
Issue 12/2021: Building with wood

(Subject to change)

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