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Building Integrated Solar Technology

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Architectural design with photovoltaics and solar thermal


From structural design to interior fit-out: Assessing and improving the environmental impact of buildings

It’s already impossible to imagine energy-efficient construction without photovoltaics and solar thermal. Yet, the EU-wide introduction of low energy standards for new buildings stipulates that buildings must meet their energy needs in whole or in part from the sun by 2021 at the latest. The integration of solar systems into buildings is no longer just a technical matter, but also a structural and aesthetic challenge.

This book provides the necessary expertise for this purpose. In addition to basic physics and technological developments in photovoltaics and solar thermal, the publication offers abundant advice from architects on how to successfully integrate solar systems into buildings. A number of chapters address the economical and ecological deployment of solar technology as well as issues of building laws and the preservation of listed buildings. Illustrated and expanded by numerous photos and detailed project documentation, “Building-Integrated Solar Technology” not only demonstrates the tremendous variety of construction tasks and integration possibilities, but also shows that self-sustaining buildings in terms of energy can also contribute significantly to the local architectural culture.

* Overview of available technologies and systems
* Aesthetic and structural integration into buildings
* Economy and ecology of solar systems
* Integration into power supply systems
* Detailed, project-specific solutions

Editor: Prof. Dr. Roland Krippner

Authors: Prof. Dr. Roland Krippner, Prof. Dr. Gerd Becker, Dr. Christoph Maurer, Tilmann E. Kuhn, Beat Kämpfen, Georg W. Reinberg, Ralf Haselhuhn,  Claudia Hemmerle

June 2017
144 pages with numerous graphics and photos
Format 21 x 29.7 cm
ISBN 978-3-95553-362-5