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Thinking through Material

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Material in the Process of Architectural Design and Conception


Material in the Process of Architectural Design and Conception

Theme of the book is the materiality of architecture in the design process. When does the idea for the materiality of an architecture arise? What role does the context and its character play? Does the typology have an effect on the material formulation of buildings? What relevance does the function have for the choice of a material? Is the aging ability of materials taken into account in the design? And can light be understood as material?

These and other questions characterize the process of designing buildings for craftmans. The models and drawings of the designs alternate with the contributions by the architects Andreas Bründler, Piero Bruno and Thomas Kröger and are as readable in connection with them as they are independent of what is written.

- Materiality of architecture in the design process

Editor: Uta Graff

November 2018
160 pages with 190 illustrations
25 x 20 cm
English / German
ISBN: 978-3-95553-464-6