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inside 2/2018

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Open-plan and non-territorial office concepts continue to be the order of the day. A study published by the Fraunhofer Institute in June 2018 found the Multispace to be the dominant office type of the future. A “range of room options” has, among other things, a “positive effect on employer attractiveness, collaboration and self-determination”. Behind all this lies the promise of flatter hierarchies, greater transparency and enhanced job satisfaction. If employees no longer feel an urgency to go home because the café and fitness ­area are only a corridor away, this is naturally also advantageous for the companies themselves. So who is the main beneficiary of ­infinitely varied working environments asks Thomas Wagner in his trenchant article “Welcome to the Multispace”.

The good old cellular office appears to be virtually extinct — as is proven in our current issue of Detail Inside on the subject of “New Working Worlds”. We visit corporate headquarters in Montreal and Vienna, which both deal with the theme of colour in the open-plan office in playful ways. We show how nature and organic design enrich an office-sharing concept in a converted warehouse in London and present a striking ­spatial collage in a historic canal house in Amsterdam. This much is certain: office designers are full of ideas.

Peter Popp