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Green English edition - November 2011

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Reduced consumption: Financial support for renewable energy sources will decline due to the over-indebted budgets. The architects’ approach is one step ahead: They can help to minimize the demand for energy in very different ways.
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Lifestyles that are sufficient to needs must arise from the conviction of the individual – and are already doing so: more and more employees are doing without higher salaries in favour of more free time or are giving preference to a balanced family life over mobility in their profession. Time, education and social intercourse belong to those resources, whose utilisation does not bring about any negative effects on the environment. What’s more, they are more sought after than ever before today. Architecture could help to support these lifestyles, especially in times of economic crisis. Where are the residential buildings that equally enable withdrawal and social interaction in a small area; where are the city districts that allow mixed uses and thus, from the onset, avert the issue of mobility; and where are the rooms that remain comfortable even at an indoor temperature of 19 degrees? Doing without the superfluous has nothing to do with self-denial but can very well accompany a rise in the quality of life. At the moment, this insight may be unpopular but the situation could change faster than we might think possible today.