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be 2226 The Temperature of Architecture

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Portrait of an Energy-Optimized House


The "2226" project was completed in 2013 and received an outstanding response from the media. The reason is the clever design of this office building - it manages completely without air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. "If today we are installing a disproportionate amount of air- and water-based services in buildings in order to create comfortable conditions, we should ask ourselves whether there are not more effective methods", says Dietmar Eberle. His building demonstrates that low-tech is an alternative to the Passivhaus with its extensive services installations. However, ecological and economical building should also meet architectural criteria - proportion, spatial effect, surface texture and light are essential components affecting the comfort of users. 

The book documents this seminal model for a new architecture with a comprehensive range of photographs by Eduard Hueber, and uses drawings to explain the architectural and energy concepts. Knowledgeable essays by recognized experts on the perfectly balanced construction and function complete this unpretentious and yet sophisticated monograph of a building.

 - Monograph on an icon of  new green architecture
- Drawings illustrate the building and energy concept.
- Essays by Dietmar Steiner, Kristin Feireiss, Lars Junghans, Peter Widerin and Dietmar Eberle amongst others; Pictures by Eduard Hueber

Ed. by Eberle, Dietmar / Aicher, Florian

Photogr. Hueber, Eduard


January 2016
192 pages
27 x 24 cm
bilingual (English/German)
ISBN 978-3-0356-0381-1