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Special Houses for the best weeks of the year


How do we want to live? This edition of HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE illustrates just how architecture can inspire the answers to this question. Because when are we more open to new experiences, where are we more attuned to making new discoveries about ourselves, than on holiday.

Jan Hamer and his team have chosen 38 houses, primarily within Europe. From the ultramodern to the historic, these houses will provide irresistible inspiration to travel and architecture lovers, for both holidays and everyday living alike.

Italian architects Cherubino Gambardella and Andrea Ponsi complete the edition with two essays that will open your mind and sharpen your senses.

Editor: Jan Hamer 

Authors: Tina Barankay, Ulrich Stefan Knoll, Britta Krämer, Anke Steinweg


November 2017
Hardcover with cloth binding
19 x 26 cm
276 pages with num. images and illustrations
ISBN 978-3-9817367-4-8