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Retreats for the discerning traveller.


Refined, exhilarating, unique – in Edition 2019, the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR team introduces 34 extraordinary homes that will capture your imagination.

Whether it’s a country estate, a cabin, church or water tower: through their vision and determinedly individual approach, the owners and architects have each realised their dream destination – a place we too can call our own for a few blissful days away from it all. They have also all succeeded in making bold statements on the concept of holidays; transcending the mainstream debate on contemporary trends.

Editors: Jan Hamer 

Authors: Ulrich Knoll, Britta Krämer, Anke Steinweg and Hubertus Adam, TinaBarankay (Essays)

October 2018
Hardcover with cloth binding
19 x 26 cm
250 pages with numerous illustr.
ISBN 978-3-9817367-5-5