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DETAIL English Bimonthly Credit Card Charge (EZ-Pay) - Student Rate

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Quick Overview

Now you can opt for an affordable bimonthly payment plan. Provide us with your credit card details and we´ll bill and charge you every other month for just one delivery.

Excl. VAT


Now you can opt for an affordable bimonthly payment plan. Provide us with your credit card details and we´ll bill and charge you every other month for just one delivery.

Your advantages:

- Spread the cost of your subscription over six increments instead of one payment.
- Enjoy continuous service billed to your credit card without having to worry about renewal.
- Stop your subscription whenever you want (45 days in advance with written notice).

Terms and Conditions for EZ-Pay :

Subscribers who choose the EZ-Pay option enjoy uninterrupted service billed to a credit card with every delivery. It allows budget conscious customer an opportunity to spread the cost of their subscription over 12 calendar months. Subscribers who chose EZ-Pay may cancel their subscription or change to an annual subscription at any time.

Payment Information

By accepting these standard terms, the subscriber authorizes DETAIL to automatically bill the credit card he/she has provided until cancellation of this subscription. The subscriber is billed according to the “Billing Policies” described below. All refund requests must comply with DETAIL Refund Policy. In conjunction with this policy, the subscriber may cancel this subscription at any time, but DETAIL will not refund any remaining portion of the subscription fees already billed to your account. The subscriber agrees to provide DETAIL with valid, accurate and up-to-date credit card and contact information. Failure to comply may result in the immediate termination of this subscription. The subscriber agrees to notify DETAIL regarding any billing issues or disputes within 14 days after credit card has been charged. If any issues or disputes are not brought to DETAIL’s attention within this period, the subscriber waives his/her right to dispute them.

Billing Policies

The subscriber’s credit card will be automatically charged for every issue (bimonthly for the DETAIL English edition and 10 times per year for the DETAIL German/English edition and the combined subscription) until he/she cancels their subscription. The invoice for every credit card charge will be sent by email to the email address provided by the subscriber. For every calendar year, DETAIL may, at its discretion, increase the amount of fees payable hereunder by up to five percent (5%), and the subscriber hereby agrees to any such increase. DETAIL shall have the right to increase the amount of fees by more than five percent (5%) per year only upon delivery of at least sixty (60) days advance notice to the subscriber. Notice will include by how much and when the increase will become effective – unless the subscriber elects to terminate this agreement through a written notice delivered within thirty (30) days of fee increase notice to DETAIL.


You may cancel this subscription at any time by providing mail@detail.de a written notice 45 days prior to cancellation date.


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July Bioclimatic Construction
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