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Small Structures

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Designs and examples of small constructions with everyday and special functions


In the middle of the conflict between architecture and product design

Waiting shelters, kiosks, market stalls, bus stops, call boxes, toilets, advertising columns, ticket booths, portable tents or housing units, emergency housing, tourist information – the list of small, self-contained, functional constructions has almost no end. One finds them on the nearest street corner, yet rarely awake architectural interest.

Instead of gazing at the big, architectural attractions, a lot of potential for architects is hidden in the quality assurance of the everyday design of these small and sometimes positively charming necessities. Because these small constructions often stand directly in the area of conflict between architecture and product design, this addition to the in DETAIL series was created to span the gap between both professions.

• Mobile, temporary, durable
• Construction design: ranging from simple to experimental and up to high-tech
• Designing and construction as a process
• Link between architecture and product design

Christian Schittich (Ed.)

June 2010
176 pages including numerous pictures and drawings
Format 23 x 29.7 cm
ISBN 978-0346-0283-9