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structure – published by DETAIL 01/2018

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The current edition structure 01/2018 introduces outstanding engineering accomplishments such as the new Queensferry Crossing cable-stayed bridge across the Firth of Forth in Scotland with its 210 metre (683ft) high towers and a total span of more than 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles). It also documents other exciting structural solutions such as the open trusses of a deli market in Stuttgart or the expressive steel construction of a pedestrian bridge in Beer Sheba in Israel. A technology presentation centre in Chicago is the basis for showing how a piece of structural engineering that can be walked on can itself be an exhibition piece.

In an accompanying feature article in the first part of the edition Werner Sobek points out the comprehensive responsibility that the engineers must carry for the construction of the future. Finally, two technical articles deal with very different and special structural solutions made with concrete: a complex shell form as a roof structure and a folded-plate roofing with a large span for an office building.