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Now available | A Review of Three Decades of Architecture

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A Review of Three Decades of Architecture

Which design principles and construction methods have established themselves in architecture in the last 25 years? What social trends have influenced architecture? Which technical innovations had an impact and what has become of their approaches? Which architects stepped into the limelight at this time and how have they developed?

Christian Schittich has explored these and many other questions. He tells the individual history of outstanding buildings in chronological order, with an eye to the overall context of architectural development of recent years. Looking at selected photographs and drawings documenting the construction process and/or the current state of the building: wherein lies the significance of a building’s design, how has it contributed to society, what technical innovations did it involve and what effect did they have? Or did the construction method prove itself at all? An exciting discourse about three decades of architectural history.

- A personal look at a recent and rich architectural history
- What trends have individual structures sparked; what standards have been redefined?
- Directional architecture in its social, artistic and technical context

November 2017

192 pages with numerous pictures
27 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-95553-384-7