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Wine and Space

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Architectural design for vinotheques, wine bars and shops


Inspiring examples from European metropolises

When we take our time to truly experience a wine, we rely on our senses to explore its smell, taste, texture and structure. Yet what role is played by the room in which we find ourselves? How are our senses influenced by this space?

This publication takes a look at the rooms where wine is tasted and enjoyed. It highlights a variety of projects, ranging from winemakers' tasting rooms and salesrooms to more unusual shop concepts and successful examples taken from the gastronomy sector. To provide a glimpse into the development of a design, the authors engage intensively with the architects and contractors to explore the following questions: How did those involved contribute and combine their ideas? What story is told by the project as it begins to take shape? What kind of customers does it appeal to and how should they react to it?

A number of additional essays illustrate how designs are influenced by functional factors, as well as the role played by materials, colour, light, and indeed the spatial concept as a whole in the process of wine tasting.

* Valuable information on appropriate planning and about perceiving wines
* A guide to wine and architecture featuring rooms where the spirit of the wine can be experienced
* An overview of the history and evolution of wine presentation

Heinz-Gert Woschek (Ed.), Denis Duhme, Katrin Friederichs

April 2015
144 pages with numerous drawings and photos
Format 25 x 23.5 cm
ISBN 978-3-95553-241-3