DETAIL New Year with gift
DETAIL New Year with gift
DETAIL New Year with gift
DETAIL New Year with gift
DETAIL New Year with gift

DETAIL New Year with gift

Classic Subscription

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DETAIL New Year with gift

Classic Subscription

DETAIL New Year offer: Order the DETAIL Classic subscription until 24.01.2022 and get a DETAIL book for free! Choose one of the three books: Litomyšl, OMA or Blaibach.

Receive 10 issues of DETAIL, the professional journal for architects, planners and engineers. Documentations of individual projects provide a constructive and creative context.

Advantages for subscriber:
- Substantial savings on the cover price.
- Delivered directly to your door.
- You don’t miss a single issue.


Choose one of these gifts:

1. OMA
This monograph on OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) highlights impressive projects from several years of architectural creativity by describing concepts, techniques and processes. And by presenting one thing above all, numerous architectural details.

2. Blaibach
To revitalise the village centre, architect Peter Haimerl developed the design and implementation of a concert hall and civic centre. First architectural and art book about the Blaibach Concert Hall in the Bavarian Forest.

3. Litomyšl
The Bohemian town of Litomyšl is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its impressive marketplace and renaissance castle. The topics addressed are the potential of the city, the political dimension of architecture, and tendencies of new Czech architecture.

Conditions: Subscriptions in Eurozone, Switzerland and Scandinavia will be renewed automatically if not cancelled six weeks prior to the end of the respective subscription period. A subscription can begin at any time and ends after one year. Please note the terms of delivery for domestic and foreign countries.


Topics 2022
Issue 1-2/2022: Colour and Texture
Issue 3/2022: Concept: Urban Housing
Issue 4/2022: Solid Construction
Issue 5/2022: Prefabrication and Modular Construction + Green Special Supplement
Issue 6/2022: Affordable Construction - Building Simply
Issue 7-8/2022: Urban Green. Architecture and Vegetation + Special: Natural Stone
Issue 9/2022: Concept: Cultural Buildings
Issue 10/2022: Lighting and Interiors + Interiors Special Supplement
Issue 11/2022: Architecture and Circular Economy + Green Special Supplement
Issue 12/2022: Building Refurbishment + Interiors Special Supplement

(Subject to change)

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