DETAIL Renewal Student
DETAIL Renewal Student

DETAIL Renewal Student

1-year Student Subscription

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DETAIL Renewal Student

1-year Student Subscription

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Advantages for subscribers:
- Substantial savings on the cover price.
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- You don’t miss a single issue.
- Loyalty bonus if you have been a subscriber for two consecutive years or longer.


Topics 2020

▪ 1+2/2020 Windows and Facades
▪ 3/2020 »Concept« Mobility
▪ 4/2020 Increasing Density
▪ 5/2020 Balconies, Terraces, Loggias + special section green
▪ 6/2020 Modular and Prefabricated + DETAIL Interiors 1/20
▪ 7+8/2020 Architecture and Topography
▪ 9/2020 »Concept« Residential Districts
▪ 10/2020 Building Envelopes
▪ 11/2020 Building Simply + special section green 
▪ 12/2020 Concrete Construction + DETAIL INteriors 2/20

(Subject to change)

Subscriptions in Eurozone and Scandinavia will be renewed automatically if not cancelled six weeks prior to the end of the respective subscription period.

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