Energy Manual Hardcover
Energy Manual Hardcover

Energy Manual Hardcover

Sustainable Architecture

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Energy Manual Hardcover

Sustainable Architecture

Planning-relevant facts for an architecture fit for the future
An in-depth reference work for sustainable construction

Saving energy, protecting the environment, sustainable management – these are buzzwords which these days are constantly being used in politics, the economy and the media. It is so much more important for architects and engineers to have a comprehensive and current publication that contains all the planning-relevant facts for sustainable construction.

The Energy Manual offers a highly extensive overview of the various sectors within sustainable construction, from the large to the small-scale – covering urban space/infrastructure, building envelopes and technology, right up to choice of materials and the sensible shaping of integral planning processes. It therefore represents an established reference work and daily work tool. Incorporating renewable energy in buildings and using renewable, state-of-the-art materials is dealt with in detail. Twenty example buildings clarify how sustainable architecture can look.

The Energy Manual has been expanded by a system for evaluating sustainability specially developed by the authors which allows an integrated and comparable assessment of sustainability to be made on the basis of planning-related criteria. The Energy Manual is a long-overdue work that successfully spans the divide between energy and sustainability aspects and their – as yet – somewhat ‘awkward’ relationship with architecture. The density of information and the abundance of graphics spread over 280 pages combine to make the Energy Manual an indispensable publication.

  • Manfred Hegger, Matthias Fuchs, Thomas Stark, Martin Zeumer
  • hardcover
  • 23 x 29,7 cm
  • ISBN: 9783764387648
  • English