featuring steel.
featuring steel.

featuring steel.

resources, architecture, reflections

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featuring steel.

resources, architecture, reflections

Inspiration and techniques of steel in construction

The state of the art of steel in today's architecture

Steel is a distinctly versatile building material whose powers lie in wide-span constructions in the field of civil engineering as well as façade surfacing or of high-rise houses. Steel is very trendy. This can be seen not only with the growing number of skyscrapers in Asia - the material is also increasingly used in surface design.
This Publication about steel in construction is aimed at the promotion of steel as favoured construction and building material giving all necessary information to enable planners and decision makers to base their project conceptions and pre-design on steel solutions.

This book was produced with the assistance of ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg

Andrea Bruno, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure, Markus Feldmann, Federico Mazzolani, Gerard O’Sullivan, Francis Rambert, Alexander Reichel, Llewellyn van Wyk

  • hardcover
  • 23 x 29,7 cm
  • ISBN: 9783920034324
  • English