Insulating Materials
Insulating Materials

Insulating Materials

Principles, Materials, Applications

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Insulating Materials

Principles, Materials, Applications

Correct Installation of Diverse Materials
Guide to the Correct Choice and Use of Insulating Materials

Detail Practice “Insulating Materials” provides a comprehensive catalogue of insulating materials for use in building construction. Commentaries on the individual insulation products provide information on the raw material content, typical properties, areas of use and supply forms. Tables showing physical parameters and details of fire behaviour as well as information on health and environmental compatibility, allow the various insulating materials to be compared. A summary of European and national legal regulations, insulation material standards with product identification and certification, assists planning and tender specifications. Construction criteria and areas of use are listed and enable the appropriate material to be selected. In addition a differentiated examination of the ecological effects of insulating materials reveals the large potential for optimising their sustainable use.

* Catalogue of insulating materials
* Numerous tables with parameters and standards
* Pictograms illustrating the application of the individual insulating materials
* Areas of use and construction examples, preventing thermal bridges (steep and flat roofs, walls, floor, perimeter insulation)
* Current data on the ecobalance of insulating materials

  • 2008
    • Margit Pfundstein, Alexander Rudolphi, Martin H. Spitzner, Roland Gellert
    • Paperback
    • 21 x 29.7 cm
    • ISBN: 9783764386542
    • English