Perfect Scale

Perfect Scale

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German / English

Perfect Scale

Perfect scales for architectural design and construction

Thinking and working in a variety of scales lies at the heart of architecture. What scale should be selected for which design decision? At what point is it sensible to change the scale? What can and ought to be depicted in a true-to-scale architectural drawing? And how can such a drawing remain clear and thus appealing?

An architectural drawing is not least a means of communication. It contains pieces of information which are relevant for various recipients. The choice of the appropriate scale determines whether the client or the construction worker understand what is being conveyed.In view of the countless possibilities offered by CAD, the objective of clearly and unambiguously conveying one’s own ideas is occasionally lost sight of.

The authors, Ansgar Schulz and Benedikt Schulz, provide orientation with their book, exemplarily guiding the architectural drawing back to its original purpose: the creation of exceptional structures.

- A guide to scales, design and construction in architecture
- Everything concerning the ‘right’ scale, line types and line thicknesses
- Formatting rules when using drawings as a medium of communication 

  • 2016
    • Ansgar Schulz, Benedikt Schulz
    • hardcover
    • 24,5 x 33 cm
    • ISBN: 9783955533441
    • German / English