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inside 01/2017

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Review of Interior Design and Architecture


Extraordinary interiors require unique solutions. For Jane restaurant in Antwerp, located in a former church, design manufacturer PSLab created a spectacular chandelier weighing 500 kg and adorned with 140 light fixtures. The head of the company’s Stuttgart office, Mario Weck reveals which elements are crucial in a successful restaurant lighting choreography (page 54). This issue also presents a series of contemporary design concepts — ranging from fast to slow food and from experimental pop-ups to hybrid creations — and examines how architecture, design and lighting design influence the enjoyment of food and drink.

In Beijing delicate steel shelves transform a formerly traditional bookstore into a place where you can slow down (page 44), while a gourmet restaurant in Vienna’s City Park finds flexible solutions to the quest for finding the best spot in the house (page 36). With a grand gesture, a wooden slatted ceiling allows the basement dining room of a school canteen in Versailles to shine (pictured above, page 48). How the aesthetic interplay between the art of cooking and the art of design will affect your personal taste experience however, can ultimately only be decided on the ground.