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Japanese Creativity—Contemplations on Japanese Architecture

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What lies at the root of Japanese creativity and its architectural artifacts? In his new book, the Japanese architect Yuichiro Edagawa explores this question in detail. By analyzing a wide variety of unique exemplary buildings from the sixth century to the present, he determines twelve distinctive characteristics of Japanese architectural creativity and composition, including: intimacy with nature, importance of materials, bipolarity and diversity, asymmetry, devotion to small space, and organic form. The key understanding, which pervades all these characteristics, is that “parts precede the whole.” The Japanese process of creation begins with designing parts and details and ends with combining them to one edifice.

Japanese Creativity—Contemplations on Japanese Architecture Edagawa provides a personal and comprehensive understanding of Japanese creativity and the architectural process. The book gives an inspiring insight into Japanese culture and identity, which in its essence is deeply traditional and modern at the same time. With a preface by Kengo Kuma.


Author: Yuichiro Edagawa
Foreword by Kengo Kuma

Mai 2018
14.8 x 21 cm
192 pages, approx. 199 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-508-6
JOVIS Publishers